Cap and Trade

1st Climate Solutions currently has RECLAIM NOx and SOx Credits (RTCs) available.

Reclaim Credits

RECLAIM is a market trading program where participating facilities are required to meet targets for annual emission reductions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Sulfur Oxides (SOx). RECLAIM Trading Credits are a limited authorization to emit a fixed amount of NOx or SOx per year. Sources can buy or sell RTCs on the open market. There is a financial incentive to reduce air pollution since facilities that surpass their reduction targets can sell their surplus credits on the open market. Likewise, facilities with high emission control costs can opt to finance lower emission controls at other facilities by purchasing future RTCs from these facilities that have surplus RTCs resulting from the installation of control equipment. At the end of the reconciliation period for each quarter, a RECLAIM facility must have sufficient RTCs in its Allocation account to offset emissions and any other requirements in Regulation XX - Regional Clean Air Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM).