Voluntary Carbon Markets

1st Climate Solutions currently holds credits from vintage years 2009 through 2018.


Utilize carbon reduction strategies such as tree planting or improved forest management in order to increase the amount of carbon stored.

Landfill Gas Projects

Reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released from the landfill by destroying methane through combustion in generators, using enclosed flares or the methane is cleaned and transported through natural gas pipelines.


These projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the displacement of mainly fossil fuel-based power generation and contribute to sustainable power generation.

Livestock Methane

Methane capture created by disposal of animal manure into wastewater lagoons. This methane is destroyed through combustion in generators using enclosed flares or the methane is cleaned and pumped it into natural gas pipelines.

Industrial Gas

The purpose of these projects is to switch from a high GHG to a near zero GHG in the current manufacturing process thereby reducing the carbon equivalency.

Fuel Switching From Coal to Biomass

These projects fuel switch through the conversion of existing coal boilers to renewable biomass combustion which reduces GHG emissions.