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Our founders have over 60 years of experience in emission credit markets. We can provide the expertise and guidance needed to help you with your carbon projects.

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Our Services

We can help you at any developmental stage of
your carbon project or offsetting needs.

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Carbon Project Development

Let our expertise in the carbon project development process guide you through the complex legal, engineering, and verification challenges necessary for a successful project.

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Carbon Project Funding

1st Climate can mitigate financial risks by providing the capital necessary to complete a successful carbon project that may otherwise be postponed, rejected, or canceled.

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Carbon Offset Acquisitions

Oftentimes companies are hesitant to risk capital outside of their core business competencies because of the uncertainty surrounding the sale and future price of carbon credits. 1st Climate can eliminate price and liquidity risks by providing a guaranteed revenue stream through the purchase of the carbon credits created by your project.

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Carbon Offset Sales & Marketing

1st Climate has developed a network of partnerships with industry leaders in the carbon markets which has enabled us to achieve over 100 million in transactions and maximize the return on investment of your project.

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Leading the way in carbon reduction

Our planet's climate is changing rapidly and carbon projects are one of many tools available in order to combat this challenge. Our mission is to help guide companies through the complex legal, engineering, and verification processes and provide the necessary funding to ensure project success. If you have any challenges with your existing, or proposed carbon projects, please reach out and find out how we can help!

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